Analytics & data science

Analytics & data science

Data science consulting

With years of experience in leveraging the power of data science to create intelligent software solutions, Itransition can help you maximize the value of your data on hand or create a data-driven system from the ground up. From data visualization to complex machine learning models, we provide full-cycle data science consulting services.

Data strategy

Itransition helps companies quickly identify high-impact use cases for data-powered tools, detect associated growth opportunities, and come up with a strategy tailored to your business objectives.

Data quality analysis

We will analyze your company’s data to understand whether its quality and structure suits your needs. Based on our findings, we design an in-depth plan to improve your data-centric tools and boost their effectiveness.

Data preparation

In case your datasets contain dirty or erroneous data, our data science consultants will reorganize, modify and cleanse it to secure its veracity and reliability for the purposes of data-driven decision making.

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Data visualization

BI visualization tools

Our data analytics consulting company can help your business identify trends and opportunities, keep track of KPIs, excel at data storytelling, and streamline decision-making by transforming datasets into highly interactive analytical assistants.

Geospatial visualization tools

We deliver engaging visualization solutions for data coming from the physical world, including geographic maps, photorealistic 3D models, and other geospatial analytical tools.

Big data solutions

We render full-cycle big data analytics consulting services to help businesses leverage accurate predictions, find root causes of their impediments, and unlock the full potential of data-driven insights. Out time-tested expertise in building machine learning algorithms and data science models allows us to deliver solutions that help companies improve production efficiency, personalize customer experiences, and streamline supply chain management, among other payoffs.

Our big data and ML solutions at a glance

  • Predictive data modeling & recommendation engines
  • Chatbots and context-aware computing
  • Enterprise performance & risk management tools
  • OCR & intelligent image recognition
  • Pricing optimization & profitability analysis
  • Behavioral & customer journey analytics

IoT analytics

Itransition helps businesses uncover the value of data coming from sensors, employee and consumer devices, connected equipment, and other data sources by delivering reliable and scalable IoT data analytics solutions. We will audit your data assets, identify what problems this data can address, and design a detailed IoT roadmap.

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Business intelligence

We help companies unveil their full potential by employing business intelligence ecosystems to solve various challenges, including compliance, market forecasts, and operational optimizations.


We implement both industrial and consumer applications within IoT networks to streamline communication, drive customer engagement, and process multi-media data in real time.

Machine learning consulting

We develop ML models as well as customize ready-made solutions to equip businesses with computer vision applications, data mining capabilities, robotic process automation, and more.

Our data analytics consulting process


Platform assessment

Tools and services selection

Evaluation criteria


Scalable data stores

Cross-platform ETL

Data visualization


Data quality and consistency

Real-time data processing

Data migration


Performance optimization

Platform scalability



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